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Engineer Your Mind Ltd. is here to support you in going from burnout to brilliance and balance.

Whether that is you personally, your team or your company - we are hear for you.

Taking time time to make sure all are operating in the most productive and successful manner possible is SO IMPORTANT. Not only for personal happiness but general productivity and success.

Each service is unique and you can find out more about each by clicking below.


Active Affirmation Program

A 6 month program to teach you to transform how you view going after your goals whilst maintaining balance and mental wellness using effective strategies without the fluff!

Drop-in Mentoring Package

A 60 minute session all about supporting you.

It starts with a questionnaire so we can be prepped to spend each of those minutes dedicated to giving you maximum value.​ This is the new Power Hour getting you the results you want followed by a document filled with strategies and systems to support you moving forward.

Speaking & Workshops - 
Providing talks and bespoke workshops to your teams.

Your team will not only leave the meeting feeling that they understand mental health but feel empowered to talk about it more, feel comfortable in doing so and understand the importance of speaking up.

Aren't sure what service is for you?
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You can also contact me and we can work on something more bespoke to your needs too.

Active Affirmation Program

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Drop in Sessions

Speaking and Workshops

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