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I know from my own experience working in the corporate world that wellness is somethings that isn't spoken about enough but that is changing.

One of the problems is that the people talking about it often haven't experienced it. That means their version of what suffering is feel in-authentic to those of us that do.

It is important that these conversations engage and teach those that do not understand what suffering is like but also support those that do in feeling less alone.

My approach provides this balance.


With a mix of business acumen, hard numbers on why companies need to change and my own personal experience, I can provide a unique presentation or workshop to allow for these important conversations to happen.

Your team will not only leave the meeting feeling that they understand mental health but feel empowered to talk about it more, feel comfortable in doing so and understand the importance of speaking up.

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What is my experience?

I have done a number of Webinars, workshops and presentations on these topics for various companies. On top of this I have also sat with companies to review their current processes and look into how they can provide a better experience for their employees.

Every event I do is tailored to your needs and requirements.

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