Coaching and Mentoring

Mental health can make you feel as if you have lost yourself.

Coaching is a great way to help find yourself and guide your way through any challenging situation.

Below are some people that have helped me in understanding where I am going and providing some much needed guidance so I hope they help you too!

During my own learning about my mental wellbeing I have met some incredible people and Colleen is one of them. The advice she gives and the perspective she helps me clarify what I really want.

She is there to help you too! Find her on Instagram for some great content. Want a secret? She also has a degree in Neuroscience!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Sabrina Woodworth at my current job. She became an unofficial mentor of mine and has helped me develop my career so much. She now wants to help you too! Check out her page for more information. You can find her on both Linked in and Instagram

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