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My name is Hannah Schaapkens and I am the Founder, Director and CEO of Engineer Your Mind. It is so lovely to have you here!

A little more about me....

I am an Electrical Engineer who suffers with depression and anxiety but has still managed to have a very successful career.​ (Yes I am tooting my own horn - I earned it!). In the blogs you can find out more about my personal journey.

Why Engineer Your Mind?


I have a passion to create a workplace that allows for fellow mental health sufferers to thrive.

It is something I have often spoken about and run workshops on. Through these sessions I have found that so many others feel the same but do not feel they can speak about it or cannot afford support. So I created Engineer Your Mind to provide affordable support to help those who suffer with a mental health condition and want to learn how to still achieve greatness.

I have faced many struggles in my career but I have learnt so much and cannot wait to share them with you through the resources available through Engineer Your Mind.


On top of this, I want to help teach people from my own lessons how they can bring balance into their life and not go through the same burnout periods I have. It is important for workplaces to adapt to bring mental health into the open, allow people to talk more about it and create spaces for support. Engineer Your Mind will offer bespoke workshops and presentations to company's and can also help with providing guidance of company policy changes and including useful resources in your workplace.

Engineer Your Mind will always strive to support you in anyway it can, so please reach out and see what we can do for you or your company.

The EYM Blog...

On top of workplace support, the blog will aim to share as many stories from people as possible.

Mental health isn't just black or white, it is all the greys in between. There are so many illnesses classed as mental health and then on top of that, the way they all manifest can vary depending on personality and circumstance!


This makes it so much harder to recognise - meaning they can go undiagnosed for a LONG time. Mine definitely did! Because of this, it is so important to make this site a collaboration of voices and stories. So if you have anything you would love to share, please get in touch.

It is my passion to help educate everyone in mental health, how to look after yours and how to support others. If this site helps you even a little, I will be a happy lady!

I am so grateful to have you here and look forward to getting to know you as we work together for a healthier, successful future.

- Hannah

PLEASE NOTE: I am coming at this from a place of experience and not medical expertise. Some of my guests will be medically qualified and this will be stated. Please see individual posts for relevant information.

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